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Ronique's Aromatherapy Oil


In honor of my 20 year old daughter Ronique who tragically passed away on 12/3/15 and was my Aromatherapy Business Assistant. She put her heart and soul into helping me with my homemade creations. When she was alive I created the perfect aroma for her. She said that it smelled like heaven and it made her feel good. It has a light pretty smell and it does brighten your spirits with the help of %100 all natural essentials oil blended together to produce this wonderful aroma. Its a very light oil so you don't have to worry about the greasy leftover feeling. Its %100 All Natural and Handmade with Love 💜 The oil can be used as a moisturizer, bath oil, after shower spritzer, or as a massage oil. Men are all welcome to buy for their Moms, Wife, Cousins, Girlfriends. I need you guys help too! All proceeds will be used to start a reward fund to help find my daughters killer or any information leading up to it. Thank you always for your support and Love! We can't just sit here and let this happen!! By All Means Necessary... God Bless
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